We support your Public Relations by our Press Release service.

    Make it easy for marketing in Vietnam!

  • There are many Public Relation's problems

    in overseas

    You would have these problems below.

    Do marketing in entire Vietnam with low cost

    But how to find so many vietnam media?
    Connecting with media takes time and effort.

    Have more PR for Vietnam local market

    Target is not only our original market , but also vietnam local market.

    Want head office to know our work in vietnam

    Is there better way to appeal for head office?

    Need some attactive material for sales

    If media write about our company service, it will become trustworthy sales materials.

    I know the importance of PR activities

    But no spokesperson in my office.

    Actually, I have no idea how to do it.

    Want employee to know what our company do

    If employee find their company news/service on media, it motivate them.

  • If you don't do Public Relations,

    no one can get your product/service.

    In addition, explaining about corporate activity is one of social responsibilities.

    Company cannot exist without PR.


    "Explaining what your company do for people & society"

    "Building trusted relationships with your clients & customer"

    There are required activities for company

    Even "People to Know" is difficult

    in foreign country

    When you understand your service 100%, local staff understand 60% because of language barrier or cultural background.

    Finally,media understand about 20%. There are also many problems,training local staff takes a lot of time and efforts.

    ①Language Barrier

    It's hard to communicate smoothly with vietnamese through interpreter.

    ②No relationship

    with Media

    There are many steps to make relationship with media. Find influential & suitable category media, contact them, make good relationship with them...

    ③No Spokesperson

    No one is in charge of PR.

    No one has enough ability and knowledge to do PR.

  • So,

    Let's use Press Release Service!

  • What is press release?

    It's written communication directed at the media

    for announcing something newsworthy.

    ①Spread in entire Vietnam

    We connect with more than 1,000 media, from north to south,

    from TV to local magazine.


    Just writing your article in your language, we will translate it .

    We can also write article for you.


    You don't need time to train local staff and find media.

    Using Press Release Service,

    PR/ Marketing become easer.

    If you use our service "VIETNAM PRESS", your article will deliver directly to Media. So you can announce imformation perfectly.

  • If your article published on Media,

    there are many ways to use it.

    So many advantage for PR/ Marketing!

    For list of publication

    on your website

    It'll increase your comany brand equity.

    For good reference of recruitment

    Attract more potential candidate come.

    For Spreading

    on SNS

    Employee and their family, their parents are relieved to see it.

    For reporting to head office

    Published article in local media makes report beter.

    For reference of sales

    It'll be high-trusted reference when clients make decision.

  • Other Advantages

    Get oppotunity for interview from media

    Some media might offer additional interview for you.

    You might have new connection with media.

    Build up employee loyalty

    If your article is published on famous media, employee will proud of their working.

    Increase corporate image

    Media make higher image of your company, make branding is one of marketing strategy.

    Easy to find sales agency or business partner.

    If no one knows your company, you cann't find great sales agency or business partner.

  • Delivery Step

    Very easy!



    Registering from company register form below.


    Post Press Release

    Sending only title, text body, and picture.

    <Option> Create article instead


    Post from here


    Check Press Release

    Revising article if necessary.

    <Option> Multilingual translation


    Deliver whole in Vietnam

    Picking up suitable media depend on your article category, and deliver for Media.


    Published on Media

    Publishing your article on WEB, newspaper, magazine, etc.


    <Option>Publish Media survey



    Paying easily by

    Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

  • Price

    You can deliver article at a low cost.


    Including 4 step below.


    ②Picking up Media


    ④Sharing list of delivered media


    Checking typographical error, text body and modifying layout.


    ②Picking up Media

    Our staff pick up suitable media for your category from more than 1,000 media.



    We deliver press release for picking up media by e-mail or Fax, etc.

    *Support multilanguage - we deliver appropriate media depend on article's language.


    ④Sharing list of delivered Media

    Our staff survey which media published your press release.

    We also make list of it and share with you.

    Ex, Delivered Media list

    Ex,published on Media

  • Option

    ($90 each)

    Issuing easier and more effective press release with those options!

    Create Article Instead

    We go your company or by telephone, make interview and create article instead of you.

    Multilingual Translation

    ($90 each Lang)

    Translate for:English, Vietnamese, Japanese,Chinese, Korean, Russian etc

    Published Media Survey

    Our staff survey media on published.

    Make list of it and send you.

    Introduce Media

    ($90 each Media)

    After delivery Press release, introduce media among media which published on.

    You'll make relationship with them directly.

  • e.g. Press Release Published on Media

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